FOOTAGE NOTES - GLAgent #014 - Bodycam

 The footage starts with Garfield Lover Agent #014 turning on his camera. He takes out his (patent pending) Garfield Gun® and prepares for their raid on the compound where Garfield is located.
 "G-Team 88 in position, are we good to go?" #014 says into the radio.
 "You're good to go, the footage from Jon's video is confirmed to be this location." The voice on the radio says.
 "Alright, we're going in."
 #014 goes in, leading the entire team into the compound. They go room by room, searching for the orange cat, hoping that their hunch wasn't off. After two rooms of nothing, they finally reach the third room where after the same basic procedure with the other rooms, they find something. Blood. Though it's not a lot, the sight of even a little bit of it on the wall makes the group tense. They continue to the next room and find a chair in the middle, an old tv-radio thing, and a mix of blood and feces all over the room. One of the group members vomits and the rest leave the room.
 "Christ." #014 mutters.
 One of the members of the group walks up to #014 and tells him something too quiet for the microphone to hear. He follows the member and he leads him to a room.

 The tension is thick, everybody in the room is waiting in anticipation to see what's one the other side. They all ready their Garfield Gun®s and start their way inside the room. When they get inside, they find that the room is way larger than the others, with an intercom and camera in the corner. As they fan out and look around, they find a vent with blood dripping from it. The group circles around it, curiously, eventually #014 volunteers and opens the vent to find Garfield, his wrists slit and bleeding.

It is important to note that Garfield was saved at the GLA HQ hospital and is currently recovering.